A steamboat symbolizes a family reunion because the steamboat pot, which is usually round in shape, represents a family “reunion” (團圓Tuányuán) in Chinese. On top of that, it is easy to prepare and can accommodate a large number of people. It does not require constant cooking, as most of the ingredients served are raw.
JW Frozen Seafood
常规价格 RM13.90 MYR 售罄
8 pieces
常规价格 RM38.00 MYR
215g (10 pcs)
常规价格 RM9.00 MYR
500g (28 pcs)
常规价格 RM12.00 MYR
150g (18 slices)
常规价格 RM10.50 MYR
25 pcs
常规价格 RM6.00 MYR
6 pcs
常规价格 RM9.50 MYR 售罄
serving 50g
常规价格 RM8.50 MYR 售罄
常规价格 RM15.00 MYR
常规价格 RM8.00 MYR
(65-70 pieces)
常规价格 RM44.00 MYR
(15 pieces) 17cm
常规价格 RM28.00 MYR 售罄